Will the Success of “Gravity” Impact the Future of the ISS?


Slight Spoiler Warning:

Does the surprising success of the motion picture “Gravity” foretell an ominous future for the International Space Station?  Leaving aside the numerous logical gaps in the movie, which to some least, are even more disconcerting in an effort which otherwise succeeds in achieving a hyper realism than they would be in a run of the mill sci-fi movie, could the portrayal of the abandoned station have an effect on the future of the real thing?

Specifically, is it possible that the depiction of ISS being shredded in orbit, with the pieces left to follow the equally unfortunate Chinese station plummeting through the upper atmosphere, not in a Sy-Fy channel Saturday night gore fest,  but in a movie described as transformational, reviewed in almost uniformly glowing terms and finding a widespread audience, may influence public perception of when it should come down in real life?

Whether intentionally or…

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